Gila® Mirror Privacy Control Window Film

Reflect light for daytime privacy and relief from bright sunshine.

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Gila® Mirror Privacy Control Window Film

Nosy neighbors peering into your windows all day? With Gila Mirror Privacy Control Window Film, they’ll only be looking at themselves, while you still enjoy the view. This film reflects light, so in addition to privacy it gives you relief from uncomfortably warm, bright sun. Try it in any room to feel relaxed, instead of like you’re on display.

Special Features

  • Daytime Privacy This film creates privacy only when the sun’s out. After dark, when rooms are lit from inside, it no longer conceals views.
  • Longer Lasting This durable, adhesive-backed film is an ideal choice when you’re planning a more lasting change to your home.
  • Smart Sizes Choose from two roll sizes: 3’ x 6.5’ roll (enough for one standard window) or 3’ x15’ (enough for two standard windows).
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