Gila® Black Privacy Control Window Film

Privacy Control Black Bathroom

Darken glass for daytime privacy, cooling and glare reduction.

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Gila® Black Privacy Control Window Film

Gila Black Privacy Control Window Film disguises private spaces from daytime view by darkening glass. This versatile film is an ideal way to hide garage clutter, make bedrooms more nap-friendly, or improve working comfort in your home office. Use it to disguise and shade, while enjoying cooling and glare-cutting benefits too.

Special Features

  • 24-Hour Privacy Expect full privacy from glass with this film. It blocks views at any time of day, whether viewing from indoors or out.
  • Easy On-And-Off “Static cling” means you’re working with a slightly thicker, non-adhesive film that’s easier to apply, remove and reuse.
  • Smart Sizing Rolls are 3’ wide by 6.5’ long, or enough to cover a single standard-sized window. Pick up only what your project needs.
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