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Turbocharge your window tint with a layer of heat rejection.

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Gila® Heat Shield Tints

Gila Heat Shield window tints give you all the benefits of our basic line, along with some serious bells and whistles. A combination of two powerful film layers makes this possible. The first layer of film is deep-dyed in a range of shades, to allow light transmission of 5%, 20%, or 35%. (The lower the number, the darker the shade.) The second layer of film is all heat-blocking technology. We think you’ll like reaching for the AC less, so Heat Shield’s double-layer tint also comes in a 6-inch roll made to follow the curves of your rear window. Enjoy!

Special Features

  • Rear Coverage Medium (20%) and dark (5%) tint levels also available in long, narrow rolls for curved rear windows.
  • More Milage Adhesive-backed film offers excellent durability, scratch resistance and optical clarity for the long haul.
  • Sun Protection, Too All Gila DIY auto tints block 99% of UV rays, to help protect your vehicle’s interior and your skin from the sun’s aging.

Product Listing

Product Features

Heat Shield

5% (Dark) 2' x 6.5' & .5' x 26' Reduces Glare 94% Blocks Heat 54%
20% (Medium) 2' x 6.5' & .5' x 26' Reduces Glare 78% Blocks Heat 49%
35% (Light) 2' x 6.5' & .5' x 26' Reduces Glare 78% Blocks Heat 49%