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Here are what satisfied customers had to say about Gila Window Film:

"I purchased your platinum tint for my dining room sliding glass doors to reduce the tremendous amount of heat coming in during the afternoon. I noticed the difference when I held up the tint next to the glass without even mounting it to the glass yet. The difference was amazing. I can't wait to see my next electric bill for the savings. Thanks for a great product."

Odessa, FL

"The results are amazing. Wow people need to know about your product! The a/c is not running as much as before applying the film. The rooms are cooler and with no sun glare."

Fred & Dee
Athens, TX

"Great product, store associate told me about it and I'm glad she did"

Chandler, AZ

"Great product, easy application, great results"

Federal Way, WA

"Very effective reflecting heat, we have on windows and doors"

Oklahoma City, OK

"Great product, saved $600 doing it myself"

Pierre, SD

"Kitchen is 10 degrees cooler"

Avon Park, FL

"A good product, we felt film working as soon as we put it up"

Anchorage, AK

"It made such a difference"

Brownstown, IL

"100 degree temperatures, film made a big difference"

Roseville, CA

"I got 3 now, will buy 3 more next week"

Spring, TX

"I've used it on 3 houses, it's a good product"

Myrtle Beach, SC

"I'm thrilled with the results"

Madison, WI

"It's a great product and easy to work with"

Wilcox, AZ

"No complaints, this product has lived up to its name fully"

Florence, SC

"The BEST instructions I have EVER read for ANY product"

Little Rock, AR

"The product is perfect"

Riverside, CA

"I wouldn't change a thing"

Houston, TX

"Followed instructions and it came out nice"

McDonald, OH

"Very, very good product at a good price"

Indianapolis. IN

Love this product! I've used it throughout my home. Thanks for a product that's cost efficient and really straight-forward for the do-it-yourselfer!

Oceanside, CA