Video: "How To" Install Window Film in Your Home

Before you dive into installing window film (aka window tint) in your home, take a look at your monitor window. You'll be glad you did! Watching the following video before you begin applying actual film will help clarify all essential steps and will make your project easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Learn how to install window film in nearly any room in your home using the same basic techniques shown here. Use a Gila Complete Application Kit for professional results.

Video: Gila Residential Film Installation Instructions

Window Film Installation Instructions (Print Version)

Download instructions for installing Gila Residential Window Films:

A little preparation and you'll ace it.

Some dos and don'ts:

  • Gila® residential window film should only be applied to the INSIDE surface of standard 1/8" single and dual panes. This includes single, dual, removable storm panes, and all window shapes such as patio and French doors, and half-rounds.
  • Apply film to the INSIDE surface of exterior removable storm panes.
  • Apply film when the temperature is between 40° and 90°F and has been for at least three days prior to application.
  • Do not apply Gila residential films to plastic or Plexiglas surfaces or to motor vehicle windows.
  • Do not apply any film to frosted, etched, leaded, cracked, holed, or deeply scratched glass, or any otherwise flawed or defective glass or glass that is over 40 years old.
  • Handle the film very carefully to prevent creasing.
  • Installation on larger windows (3-4' wide) is easier with two people.

For additional Gila residential window film technical support or product inquiries, please Contact Us.