Residential Window Films Add Comfort and Style for Years

Long-lasting. Quick DIY installation. End of story.

It's a long story, but quick and easy to install. Gila® Window Films helps control heat while improving comfort, privacy and appearance - the list of benefits goes on. But how about installation? Our specially designed DIY adhesive-based window films (aka window tints) or Peel & Cling films make installation easy. Most windows can be filmed in 30 minutes or less. Once properly installed, Gila Window Films can last up to 10 years on a window.

Gila DIY Window Films / Tints can be applied to many types of standard, clear residential windows including single-pane, dual-pane and removable storm panes. Other applications include glass doors, sidelights and other smooth glass surfaces such as shower doors, table tops, glass front kitchen cabinet doors and glass placemats.

Find a Gila window film that suits your individual taste, and plan to enjoy classic good looks and functional performance for years to come.

DIY residential window film protect your furnishings

Heat Control

Improve the comfort of your home and lower cooling bills with Heat Control Window Film.

Gila Privacy Window Films

Privacy Control

Address the need to add daytime or 24 hour privacy to your home with our Privacy Control Window Films.

Gila Window Films Reduce Glare

Glare Control

Reduce annoying glare with this easy to install solution.

Gila Decorative Window Films for Side Light Applications

Side Light

Creates 24 hour privacy while filtering the light allowed through your door's side lights.

Gila Window Film Installation Kit

Application Tools

We have the necessary tools for both installation and removal of your Gila window tint.