Premium Automotive Window Tints

Tint your ride!

Gila® DIY auto window tints look good and work on almost any vehicle. Reduce glare, beat heat buildup, protect your interior and be kind to the environment by reducing your AC with car window tinting. Products with our EZ Mount adhesive and deep-dyed color technology provide long lasting color and performance. Plus, DIY installation is even easier with our adhesive-free Peel & Cling films.

You'll find a Gila window tint that suits your individual taste, and it will add classic good looks and functional performance for years.

Basic Window Tint

Offers a long lasting appearance while reducing glare.

Heat Shield Window Tint

Look cool and FEEL cooler. Heat Shield blocks heat, reduces glare and has a long lasting look.

Ultra Shield Window Tint

The ultimate in window tint performance. Ultra Shield Window Tint rejects UV rays to help protect your vehicle's interior against drying, fading and cracking, blocks heat, reduces glare and has a long lasting look.

Peel and Cling Window Tint

Adhesive-less application that is easier to install and improves the look of your vehicle.

Xtreme Window Tint

Our darkest window tint available.

Application Tools

Having the right tools is critical to enjoying a beautifully tinted vehicle. We have the necessary tools for both installation and removal of your Gila window tint.