Video: "How To" Install Window Tint on Your Car

Before you dive into installing window tint for the first time, take a few minutes to prepare yourself. You'll be glad you did! Watching the following video before you begin applying actual tint to your car will help clarify all essential steps and will make your project easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Video: Gila Automotive Window Tint Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions (Print Version)

Download instructions for installing Gila Automotive Window Tints:

A little preparation and you'll ace it.

The best looking tint job results from exercising patience and following the directions carefully. The best time to install tint is when you are relaxed with few distractions. Start with the smallest flat window on your vehicle. Become comfortable handling and applying the tint on small fixed windows before tinting larger or compound-curved windows. Use a Gila Complete Application Kit for professional results

IMPORTANT! TINT LAWS: Most states permit some windows to be tinted. Regulations differ about which windows may be tinted and which light transmissions are allowed. BEFORE installing ANY window tint on ANY vehicle, you should check with your local state police and comply with appropriate state laws. The factory and the retailer assume no responsibility for the misuse, illegal, or improper application of window tint.

For additional Gila automotive window tint technical support or product inquiries, please Contact Us.